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Video  for Web & Social Media

With Video for Web & Social Media,  we create affordable video(s) to help promote your business or an aspect of your business.  The intent is to build your brand awareness. We discuss the plan ahead of time and provide all the essentials of a successful project. We discuss ahead of time the plan and provide voice-over work if needed, a music bed, script building, plus editing.  The final video(s) is transferred to you via Google Drive.


Examples below:

Divine Spine

Davis Chevrolet Express Kiosk


Video Bites

We also create Vdeo Bites.  This is where we create bite sized videos for your Social Media Posts.  We visit your business or tag along with you while you work, capturing video clips of those things that make up your business.  The videos are edited into 5-7 second consumable media posts so you can use them on your Social Media pages. On average we capture 20 video moments for you to use.  The Video Bites are given to you on a jump-stick once editing is completed.  

Here are some examples:

Big Fun Play Centre

Big Fun Play Centre

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